The Art of Wealth Management

Retirement Financial Planning    

Just thinking about retirement financial planning is overwhelming for many people with visions of long hours spent with an advisor discussing complex or sometimes uncomfortable matters.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, as your financial advisors, we’ve made the process quick, painless, and even fun.

Retirement wealth management made simple

We’ve relied on the Dodds Wealth 360 Fast Plan tool for over two decades, and created individualized reports for most of our members.

This innovative tool streamlines the retirement planning process from hours to minutes. It delivers a comprehensive analysis of your financial situation that considers critical aspects of successful retirement planning – such as assets, living expenses, taxes, insurance, and cash flow – all with the goal of working towards an optimal retirement outcome and greater confidence .

It’s easy to understand the reports, too. Even those not involved with budgeting or financing for their family often find the process enjoyable and reassuring. Members often comment on the simple yet impactful outcome of the process.

Mapping your path to retirement

Think of the Dodds Wealth 360 Fast Plan as a personalized GPS that guides your entire retirement journey. It provides a roadmap to follow which we’ll develop with you as your financial advisors.

Of course, as life happens, changes sometimes occur. For instance, your inherited assets, stock options, cost of living, and other variable factors may be greater or less than originally planned.

If that occurs, we can update your plan in minutes by plugging in your new information. You’ll get an updated report that can devise a better path to your retirement goals based on the latest data. It’s similar to how GPS can route you around an upcoming traffic jam or detour, and offer a clearer, smoother path to your destination.

Real-life examples

So, how does the Dodds Wealth 360 Fast Plan tool work in the real world? Let’s look at two examples.

A married couple in their forties might visit our office for a retirement wealth management consultation. Due to their circumstances, they assume they can never completely retire, and will need to work in some capacity as long as they’re able to do so. We’ve used the Dodds Wealth 360 Fast Plan tool in similar situations to show the couple how they can stop working entirely by making some minor adjustments. Working with this tool can be an eye-opening experience that may provide results you didn’t expect simply by bringing creativity and organization to your finances leading you to better financial solutions.

Or a retired couple may be concerned they’re spending their nest egg too quickly, and will outlive their assets . The Dodds Wealth 360 Fast Plan tool can present them with a simple-to-follow strategies that seek to address concerns, lower worries and help them fully enjoy their remaining years together, focusing on their family, hobbies and interests rather than money issues.

See our case studies for more examples of how we can provide you with straightforward direction for different financial situations.

Take the next step

Any questions about the Dodds Wealth 360 Fast Plan? Ready to simplify your retirement planning? Contact us for more information about creating and preserving your ideal retirement.