The Art of Wealth Management

Cash Flow Analysis   

What’s the foundation for successful financial planning? A sound understanding of your income and expenses. This applies whether you’re running a Fortune 500 company or trying to develop your personal financial roadmap. Our most financially successful members know this, and benefit from our detailed cash flow analysis. As one of the nation’s top financial planning firms, we’ve developed an expertise in budget planning – and helping members establish or review their budget.

The Dodds Wealth 360 Guilt-Free Spending Strategy encourages you to take care of the important things first – and then enjoy the rest. Many people feel guilty when they spend, and worry they’re not saving enough for the future. In reality, you simply need a sensible saving strategy. Then you can spend the rest of your money in a “guilt-free” manner.

The Dodds Wealth 360 Fun Account is just as the name implies. It’s not an investment account. Instead, it’s an account for spending on exciting things – like vacations, charities, grandchildren, hobbies, or anything that ignites your imagination. Having this account makes it easier to justify discretionary expenses, because you’ll know the money has been earmarked for this use. In short, the Dodds Wealth 360 Fun Account promotes finding that balance between responsibility and enjoyment that’s necessary for a full, rewarding life.