The Art of Wealth Management

Account Reviews

Do you have a written plan for obtaining your financial goals? Few people do. Those that do often neglect to monitor their progress. Failing to have a plan or monitor it is a roadblock to financial success. The Dodds Wealth 360 Maintenance Program provides you with a written plan that reaffirms your goals, and helps you focus on your progress. By doing so, we increase your likelihood of achieving your financial aspirations. We work hard so our members can enjoy watching the progress they’re making – and we’ll do the same for you.

Reviews of investment accounts

Investment accounts can become imbalanced due to certain stocks growing or losing value relative to your other investments. Re-balancing your account may enable your portfolio to make greater progress with less volatility.

We service our members’ investment accounts every day the stock market is open – unlike other firms that only do so if you call or meet with them. We may make changes for you at any point we see opportunity or danger in the market. If we find a better risk/reward ratio for your holdings, we take action – even if you’re away or on vacation. In short, we watch the markets every day so you don’t have to.

This service is available for our Strategic Asset Management accounts with full discretion.  

401(k) allocations

Are you using your 401(k) plans wisely? We regularly review your 401(k) and other profit-sharing plans with the goal of maximizing your benefits and having more money when you retire.

Company benefit reviews

Does your company offer retirement plans, stock options, or deferred compensation plans? If so, are you taking full advantage of them? These benefits can make a meaningful financial difference to your wealth. We’ll help you understand and manage these benefits, and incorporate them into your overall financial strategy. We’ll also review any other types of company-paid benefits offered to you.