The Art of Wealth Management

Dodds Wealth 360 Fast Plan   

The Dodds Wealth 360 Fast Plan is an innovative financial planning process we’ve developed during our three decades in financial services.

In less than an hour we can provide you with more meaningful results than in 10 hours of traditional financial planning, preparation, and meetings. You’ll receive your results in an easy-to-understand, streamlined report. Should some of the assumptions used to create the report change over time – due to pay raises, inherited assets, stock options, etc. – we can quickly devise a new report without you having to spend hours in our office.

The Dodds Wealth 360 Fast Plan delivers clear and concise feedback and enables you to interactively work with us on modeling your financial future. It’s so simple to make adjustments with this tool that it motivates our members to keep their plans up-to-date. In fact, it’s a catalyst for action that can have a life-changing impact. With our guidance, it’ll make you feel more empowered and in control of your financial future.

All of this is why the Dodds Wealth 360 Fast Plan is widely embraced by our members.

Dodds Wealth 360 Fast Plan Analogy

A plane flying from Denver to New York City may be blown off course by wind numerous times during its journey. But, the pilot will make subtle adjustments to keep the plane on track for its destination. The fact that the airplane gets off course and needs minor adjustments doesn’t deter the confidence of the passengers that they will arrive in New York.

In a similar manner, that’s what the Dodds Wealth 360 Fast Plan is meant to do. Life causes you to be blown off course. Our goal is to make small, periodic adjustments to get your plan back on track – and build your confidence that you’ll arrive at your financial destination.