The Art of Wealth Management

Caribbean Strategy

Caribbean StrategyEver taken a vacation and completely relaxed – with no worries about the future?

Our "Caribbean Strategy" is designed to give you that same blissful feeling every day of the year. This approach to retirement planning provides both retirees and pre-retirees with the kind of lasting confidence they need about their financial future.

With our Caribbean Strategy, we provide answers to burdensome questions that can weigh on your mind, such as:

  • How can I retire for 30 years or more and not run out of money?
  • How do I invest for the long term, while accounting for inflation and future surprises?
  • How much I can spend now and still be fiscally responsible?

Using our "Caribbean Strategy", we’ll invest your portfolio in strategic income producing instruments. These investment vehicles can potentially generate  dividend and interest payments on a consistent basis – which may provide income you need for your living expenses.

This is much different than a "total return strategy" that relies on harvesting and spending capital gains (and possibly your principal) to meet your expenses. Spending your principal for several years can be devastating to a portfolio, and may cause your wealth to evaporate prematurely.

Learn more about our “Caribbean Strategy” – and what it can offer you – when you talk to our financial advisors.

The payment of dividends is not guaranteed. Companies may reduce or eliminate the payment of dividends at any given time.

No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

Financial Planning offered through Dodds Wealth Management Group, a registered investment advisor and separate entity from LPL Financial.